An open source roguelike, this game is for players who think they would do a pretty good job surviving the zombie apocalypse that the Walking Dead and other shows have made so famous. Gamers create a character and then proceed to survive against zombies, monsters, and other not so friendly humans.

Players need to eat, drink, sleep and manage temperature and morale to survive in a world of their own creation. The world is persistent and several games can be played within the same game world, with the actions of the player changing the environment around them.

 zombie apocalypse

For example, let’s say character A becomes a powerful farmer and manages to build a shelter and a pretty good farm that can sustain itself. Unfortunately, the character is torn apart by zombie dogs and dies. Character B is created in the same world and because of this, he can travel down to character A’s farm, kill the dogs and take it over.

Just like the real world

Cites in the game often have pools, hospitals, various stores, and restaurants just like in real life and all of these buildings have various resources and items to help the player survive. Other locations include fallout shelters, military bases, factories, and labs, all of which are rare and dangerous, but offer great rewards and upgrades to the player.

In addition, every character that is created will often have something that makes them special, just like real humans. Character creation is determined through traits, which can add positive and negative bonuses to the chance of survival in the world.

Some traits include fat, clumsy, intelligent, and athletic, all of which ensure every player made character is unique.

Build up

Crafting and building is a heavy focus of the game, with items such as food and weapons needing to be crafted. To craft, parts and raw materials must be gathered and created from foraging nearby homes or woodlands, and some things must be dissembled. For example, window curtains and blankets can be dissembled into string.

The building mechanic also allows for player made houses and bases to either be constructed or repaired from abandoned places out in the wild, letting players build and expand upon ruins and even destroy buildings and walls to rebuild atop them.

Finally, what zombie apocalypse would be complete without a death mobile? The crafting extends to vehicles as well and allows for bikes and even large trucks and mobile homes that can support a player’s needs indefinitely.

Cataclysm is community maintained and supported with multiple small updates released every day and a plethora of mods and different ways to play and attempt to survive the zombie plague that has devastated mankind.

Every playthrough is procedurally generated and different, with the world and its dangers going on for a long as the player can survive. The game is free to download and a blast of fun for any player looking for a free and long-term experience.