Getting games for free is often a touchy subject for most gamers since it can be connected to piracy and theft. However, there are quite a lot of ways to get free games legally. It requires some luck and patience, but free games are a thing and they can allow players to play without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that all of these methods are supported by developers and are legal. Piracy and torrenting games are crimes, however, both physically and ethically.

Wait for giveaways

Steam giveaways, coupons, and bundle sales all happen pretty regularly on sites such as Steam and Humble Bundle where games are given away for free. For an example, some steam coupons reward the owners of certain games with others in the same genre.

Bundle sales can bundle a group of popular and similar games together and offer them for low amounts of money (usually around ten dollars.) If buyers play their cards right, several games and even several bundles can be received with the same cost of a triple-A title.

Other giveaways can happen with companies and developers, while it isn’t uncommon to have games be given away for free on certain occasions, and trackers can help email notifications of sales and giveaways to potential players be caught and taken advantage of.

Use free to play games.

While most of these games are MMO’s and have microtransactions or DLC to support them financially, there is a good variety of both single player and multiplayer games out there in the world that is for free. World of Warcraft, Dwarf Fortress, and Quake are all good examples of fun and time-consuming games that don’t cost a dime.

In addition, various apps and mobile games are free with optional in-game purchases like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Fortnite. These games are addicting, fun, and can be played from anywhere without spending any money.

Look for databases and emulators

While this is mostly for out of publication and older games, or indie titles that want to make a name for themselves, game databases and libraries often have older games from years gone by that can either be downloaded or played directly in the browser.

Emulators also exist for out of publication game models like Gameboys or classic arcade games and can allow for games on these out of date machines to be played on modern hardware. These websites are legal and are often open about their legality, making them safe to download and play on.


There are countless open source games and free to play games and apps that can tide gamers over until the next giveaway or cheap bundle appears for the games they desperately want, and all it takes is a little research and investigation.

It does take a little luck and a lot of patience if gamers rely on giveaways and bundles, but for those who stick it out, know that almost any game goes through a free to play phase.