Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a free game available for download that is known for being a roguelike, a construction management game and also for being very hard. Despite it all, it’s a fun game.

The object of the main ‘Fortress mode’ is to take command of a group of dwarves and build a fortress in a fantasy world complete with other races and dangers. The game also features an Adventure mode and a Legends mode.

The world is created by a mix of values such as danger, temperature, erosion, and the resources available. As well as how long the world’s history has been in existence. Then the world is populated by races and civilizations that can help or hinder the dwarves.

Building a Fortress

The Fortress mode is the most complex mode that has players build a fortress to house their dwarves. Various methods are available for this objective, including some players carving fortresses into mountainsides, digging deep into the earth to create an underground society, and even using wood to build an above ground fortress.

Then the fortress must be defended from Goblins, monsters, demons, and the other races of the world while internal threats such as lack of food, drink, and mental trauma can cause serious trouble if dwarves fly into a rage.

As the fortress grows in wealth, migrants, travelers, mercenaries and another folk will arrive to interact and even join the fortress and certain dwarves will have to be assigned tasks in order to keep up with the increased growth.

Adventure mode

Once a world is created, this mode allows a player to create a character and travel the world by fighting evil and doing quests. As well as other tasks such as building, farming, and even writing books and poems.

Every action the player in adventure mode takes can change the world, and will potentially change the world a fortress inhabits. For example, a player who kills many monsters and evil creatures in Adventure mode might find a world less dangerous for a fortress. Players can even visit old fortresses that have been destroyed in earlier games.

Adventure mode

Legends Mode

This mode is like a Wikipedia for the world that players create, detailing all the feats, wars, deaths, and other important items that have happened in the world. The player’s fortress and adventure mode characters also appear here and can have a massive impact on the world.

The amount of detail in this mode is amazing, and players can easily get lost in this procedurally generated dump of information before moving to create their own tale in the world of Dwarf Fortress.

This free game that is packed to the brim with content, a host of mods and overhauls and regular frequent updates is one that any gamer should try at least once. The community is eager to help new players get into the world, and plenty of resources are available to help with the difficulty.

So go out, strike the earth, and remember losing is fun!